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The first thing to consider before commencing any sort of kitchen renovation, is the type of design that would suit not only the kitchen area, but your budget as well. How to begin?... What are the most important considerations before starting?
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Cabinet Design ... Establishing the STYLE of the cabinetry initially is one of the more significant steps along with choosing the particular design that will keep you within a budget. Wether you go with modern or classic, the cabinets styling and basic design should reflect the character of the rest of your house. If you go with new modern, artsey type designer cabinetry, and the rest of your house is of a 100 year old classic wood design , then these styles will clash. It is very important to maintain a compatable theme throughout your home. The kitchen area is generally considered to be the central meeting place of home, and can be designed into a showpiece, that will greatly enhance the value of your home.
If your existing kitchen is more than 20+ years old, then you may be the lucky owner of one of those beckerman style cabinets, (white with oak trim on the lower parts). These were very popular 20 years ago, but look very dated now. Another important consideration is how will the cabinetry design stand up in ten to twenty years. Investing in new cabinets, should be once in a lifetime activity, so choosing a brand or style that will stand the test of time is quite important. Generally speaking, the classic solid darker wood designed cabinetry has that timeless appeal that most people appreciate.
Beware of the prefabricated cabinets that may appear to be a good deal until you try to install them, and the reasons for this are plentiful. Every kitchen is different and must be custom fitted, to ensure a quality look and feel, and you should avoid those dreaded gap fillers between the spaces in the cabinetry, something which doesn't occur with custom measured and designed cabinets. At Toronto Cabinet you'll find that craftsmanship, quality, attention to detail and dedicated customer service is the core of our business..We at Toronto Cabinet take pride in every design project, and focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail, to achieve a level of excellence, that is customized to your exact requirements.
. Redesign your kitchen with custom measured and hand made cabinetry ... Toronto kitchen cabinet design ... Kitchen Design Company

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We Design and Manufacture Kitchen Cabinets -- don't replace...reface instead or just use discount priced MDF cabinetry -- We are located in Toronto GTA

  • Toronto Kitchen Cabinet We are a custom, kitchen design company that specializes in kitchens, bathrooms, as well as complete, one stop, end to end home renovation.
  • Toronto Kitchens We do all facets of interior home redesigning from cabinetry to flooring, ceramics, drywall, and complete basements...

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